Final Project; Friends Skate Evolution

Mike Fadem and Dave Mellin share record of 40 mph


Los Altos Park

Skateboarding History

Skateboarding History

Los Lunas Skate Park

I gotta say… today was a good day (:

got to go to Los Altos today with all the homies and tore the park up! ;D going is fast is to much fun :)

Get back up..

You’ll see that in everything I do from drumming to skating, I have to learn to take the falls and get back up. Like most things in life, skating doesn’t come easy. It took me what seemed forever to get some air, but now thanks to my friends, I can.

Skateboarding on snow. Trust me, absolutely NO control. Man was it fun!

Skateboarding on snow. Trust me, absolutely NO control. Man was it fun!

What doesn`t kill you, only Makes you stronger. No matter how much it hurts

not sure who said this, but it’s cool

About me

Hi there. I’m Casey. I’m a freshman at UNM-VC and my friends, my music and my skateboard are my life. I bang the drums so if you wanna jam call me ha-ha (: I’m a pretty chill person I guess. I love making people laugh. I’d say I’m a pretty weird dude though ha-ha i love meeting new people and making friends.

I believe that there is a higher power. I believe there is a mother nature. She is harsh and can be brutal at times but she is also responsible for everything beautiful in the world; everything from the flowers and trees in your backyard with big butterflies and bubble bees, to love and peace and the notion that everyone can find themselves through nature and the unconditional love of everyone. One people, One love. That is the lesson we must learn if our spirits are to be at peace. When our spirit is at peace, we can grow and learn and evolve and someday we can become more than human.

Kilian Martin

Kilian Martin, what skating is today

My skating history.